Cheese Plate | 15.

A selection of the Chef's select local and international cheeses, cured meats and condiments. A must try!

Brie | 10.

Warm brie served with maple syrup and toasted pecans

Steamer Clams | 10.

Traditional preparation of wine, garlic and herbs yields a luscious nectar

Calamari | 10.

Coated in herbed bread crumbs then sautéed in white wine and garlic

Oysters: Pan-Fried or On the 1/2 Shell | 12.

Freshest, high-quality local oysters, rich with flavor

Spiced Shrimp | 10.

Luscious shrimp served warm with a buttery spiced sauce

Sauteed Mushrooms | 10.

Prepared to perfection, sauteed in wine, butter, garlic and herbs

Bruschetta | 10.

Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, shallots, garlic with crustini...Yum!

Caprése Salad | 10.

Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with seasoned olive oil

Parisian Salad | 10.

Mixed greens, feta cheese, candied pecans and seasonal fruit

Side Salad: Tandem's Signature or Classic Caesar | 7.

Add to any entreé

* Add Chicken Breast to Any Salad | 7.

Chef's Soup of the Day | 7.

Generous bowl of fresh-made soup

Fresh Daily Catch | MP.

Ask your server for details

Dungeness Crab Cakes | 32.

Made with local Dungeness crab. and served with mashed potatoes. A Bothell favorite!

New Bedford Sea Scallops & Wild Shrimp Linguini | 28.

Prepared with mushrooms and leeks in a light garlic cream sauce

Dungeness Crab Risotto | 25.

Delicious local Dungeness added to our creamy Tandem risotto

Smoked Salmon Linguini | 22.

Fresh herbs, leeks and capers in a garlic cream sauce

Pan-Fried Oysters | 18.

Buttery and delicious, served with mashed potatoes

Tandem Signature 8 oz. Prime Filet - The BEST Steak in Town! | 37.

Served with mushrooms finished in a red wine demi-glace and mashed potatoes

Tandem Signature Hamburger | 12.

6 oz. Painted Hills Ground Beef on a Macrina SODO Sea Salt Roll with Tandem spread, Rogue River Bleu cheese, caramelized onions and a tomato slice. Served with mixed greens

Carlton Farms 12 oz. Center Cut Pork Chop | 27.

Seasoned, pan-seared finished in a light mushroom cream sauce over mashed potatoes

Duck Breast Risotto | 28.

Served with mushrooms and pancetta, finished in a red wine demi glace and mashed potatoes

Tandem Chicken Marsala | 22.

Pan-seared boneless chicken breast with mushrooms in a white wine butter sauce served with mashed potatoes

Tandem Signature Chicken Sandwich | 12.

6 oz. pan-seared all natural chicken breast with Tandem spread and fresh Pesto aioli, tomato and parmesan cheese on a SODO Sea Salt roll. Served with organic mixed greens

Fresh Mushroom Linguini | 18.

Prepared with a vriety of seasonal mushrooms and truffle oil

Risotto | 14.

Prepared with mushrooms, roasted red peppers, butternut squash and fresh herbs
with Fresh Sea Scallops | 25.

★ Add a Tandem Signature Salad or Chef's Soup of the Day | 7.

or Chef's Soup of the Day

★ Exchange Risotto for Mashed Potatoes in any Entree | 7.

★ Split Charge | 5.


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